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13 novembre 2019


The Kindness is not a virtue but a quality that we find bitterly that it is no longer practiced by the fault of selfishness..!!!

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that life is short, such as our shadow

Which disappears after sunset.

Often in the morning

She precedes us

At noon she lives in us

And in the afternoon she follows us

It's our soulmate, faithful

But unfortunately we will not follow us to the grave..


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If anyone asks me what I want

I will answer without delusion his happiness

If you ask me if I want it

I will say no

If asked how the moon is

I will say it is round and brown

If I am asked if I am desperate

I will say that I keep hope

So you're asking why?

I will answer that it is my destiny

One day, she may return

So I will not change my address

I will be different but not changed

Because it will remain my beloved

My darling to eternity

The ghost that will haunt me

All the rest of my life

You who was my beautiful and sweet dream

Becoming a nightmare with time

I marked the page of our book

With its history of rose water

That I will continue to read and re-read

Possession or delirium

Dream or chimera

Throughout my life

I will pray every night

Waiting for a miracle

For it is better to believe in something

What not to believe at all

And I only hope for His return

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The nævus

The nævus

To forget someone

Dear to your heart

You must forget

The fact

We can't forget it

I myself do not understand


We forget nothing

We get used to only

Because the one who has the key to your secret garden

The one who occupies the throne of your kingdom

Living in us

Live in symbiosis with us

Trying to eradicate it


A Cartesian Choice

And if we swim against the current


Our fate will be that of salmon

Often it is better to accept his destiny

And do not do as Don Quixote

Fighting against windmills.


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Trust in perdition

It twirls and dries, like a leaf in autumn

Love fades without foundation or foundation

She falls into ruin

And life becomes monotonous

Full of tragedy and drama

Experience has shown us

That one cannot be disappointed

That by the closest people

We loved and thought we loved

The time ended by killing love,

Habit kills love,

Indifference kills love,

Jealousy kills love,

Only loophole for the flower

Unless watered and maintained

Every day, like a delicate rose

Our love, will flourish

Saved by the grace of sacrifices, it will flourish

If one loves a person, one must yield

Give; always give without waiting in return

Accept his fate, in the name of love

Despite the pangs of life

Because you have to have

A good philosophy of life

Otherwise end up bachelor hardened.

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Nothing is the same.

Nothing is the same.

When we say nothing

It's better to shut up

When your heart is broken, bruised

You must know how to suffer

When we are hungrier

You have to leave the table

The heart filled with bitterness.

Little smile you will not know

You have been rejected

Everyone is leaking

Like a plague

By your fault or the fault of others

You broke two hearts

Yours and that of your sweetheart

They will bleed like stigmata

No one is perfect and each one his life

Which is all traced and never predefined?

Straight or rectilinear only the future will tell us.

In the end,

There is no loser or winner

But two broken hearts

Fragmented forever...

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Free will.

Free will

When we have no one to trust

Or no ear to listen to us

Neither friend nor woman to share

Then towards oneself one must turn

In his head whirl

Ideas Mix

Neurons clash

To which saint to devote

One day you cry

One day you laugh

Like a child

And without thinking

Your tears fall

You accuse bad luck

You condemn your destiny

Without person for accused

And then the beautiful memories that go up,

They rejoice and then they evaporate

Such a morning of fog

Leaving you in agony

With lots of sorrows and regrets

Why this is so

What sin do I commit?

The knocker, I deserved

Why have you taken this direction?

This prohibited meaning, this impasse

When I was at the crossroads

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Your odyssey.

Your odyssey

You go or your heart takes you

You will not stop until you find happiness

And if one day he leaves the nest

Because you do not know how to talk about love

Neither says I love you

But you know how to offer flowers

People who are neither wise nor scholars

Will see that you have feelings

Your wisdom, of the life you have acquired

Your experiences have forged and hardened you

Your heart is as big as an ocean

Full of tenderness like the Aegean

Full of Tolerance and Compassion

As for Ulysses and his congeners

You will fly away with wings

You will leave on the island of Chios

And the miracle will happen

You will find happiness

Even if it is ephemeral

You will do so that it is the same

Such as the expectation and the hope of Penelope

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The expatriate.

The expatriate

They are neither exiles nor proscribed

From their country they fled

War or misery

But they have not turned their backs on their country

Obliged to choose exile

Not by gaiety of heart

But for the salvation of their souls

They took their destiny in hand

To change their daily

To conquer these lands of asylums and exiles

At their own risk

How to Woo a Woman

They played their charms

To earn your trust

Leaving one day, towards distant horizons

To live under other heavens

In Search of a Promised Land

With courage and boldness

They crossed mountains and braved seas and oceans

With all the adventures

To find and enjoy an uncertain happiness

They remain strangers, even integrate

They remain strangers

Condemned to often survive in a cobra nest

They have the sword of Damocles on their heads

Succeeding or finishing in an asylum

Wherever they come from

It is a Cartesian choice

It remains ambiguous and ambivalent

For farmers adoptive countries

All housed in the same sign

Grouped in enclosures

In ghetto cities

Even if they were to embark for a desert island

Such as leprosy

Convicts to wander in the holds of boats

Without ever docking

Until their end, like a good wine

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Is there a part of God in us, or are we divine

If I tell you that I hear voices

I see your smirk

And you think that I take myself for Joan of Arc during her fights

You say that I am good for the lunatic asylum

While I am convinced that in each of us

There's a voice that you alone can hear

This voice that dictates our way and the steps to take

In case of conflict or danger, she tells us stop

By an adrenaline rush or uncontrollable reaction

And it is neither intelligence nor acquisition

There is one, in us, a sixth sense, inherited from God

Who warns us and it is usually expressed by a feeling of discomfort

A ball in the stomach or a hemorrhoid thrust

And sometimes also after a nightmarish night with verifiable circumstances

It is perhaps, for this reason that it is often said that night brings advice

Is it a premonition or just a reaction of the subconscious?

Who can explain this strange phenomenon to me?

Or maybe the truth is elsewhere

Where I am can be crazy

But the fool believes that everyone is crazy except him.

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